Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's it all about? (who's askin'?)

Bizarre dreams.

We've all had them.

This is the second time I've had this dream, The last time was some time ago...months...maybe a year.

I'm at work, in a meeting with marketing people, and the head of the marketing department is a woman. She needs me for some technical advice with a customer, but I'm already behind on my projects in _my_ department. Since she basically outranks my boss, she calls him and tells him I'm going to be busy for a while. This is not a sex dream, and I don't remember if I had sex in the first one, but I have sex with the marketing mistress in this one. Nothing special, just sex. FWIW - this marketing manager bears no resemblance to anyone I know. She just some non-descript, professional woman/mother.

After we're done, we go into another room where there is an actual meeting with other marketing members. Here is where it gets weird: it turns into a "National Treasure" conspiracy theory type of thing, where we have to get to some clandestine underground (literally) passageway and get past some demonic evil trial.

In the first dream, I didn't make it. I don't remember what the trial was, but I remember being burned alive, and waking up.

This dream, I was given a key. As I inserted the key into the passageway door, it was suddenly sucked out, flew back behind me, and into the mouth of an icy ghoul. This is really strange; the ghoul bore a striking resemblance to a coworker of mine. This guy is a nice, friendly, easy going, software engineer. Our paths rarely ever cross, except to see each other at lunch occasionally. His projects and mine are related, but there is no current dependency, so I'm not sure why _he_ showed up as a icy homicidal ghoul.

One of the people in the 'team' toss me a lit molotov cocktail, and I hurl it at the ghoul. The explosion is neutralized by his icy constitution, and he vanishes into a poof. The key ends up on the floor.

I pick up the key, and instantly I am transported to my engineering lab.

I then wake up.

Today I had one of the best moutainbike rides in recent years. I've put together a 17 mile route with singletrack, fast double track, granny gear climbs, and fast descents, in the Winnekenni park and Millvale Reservoir areas of Haverhill. Actually the round trip - including the milage too and from the park - is 21 miles. The 17 miles take just about 2 hours riding non-stop (and I _mean_ non-stop) at a reasonable pace; hitting AT on the climbs and keeping a solid effort in the singletrack and fire roads.

This really had nothing to do with the bad dream, but it did help clear my head.


solobreak said...

I have started dreaming again lately, after a long hiatus. The other night I dreamed I was sleeping. Wait, it gets better. I was on my side, the way I really was sleeping. Someone (faceless) came in a started trying to choke me by pressing a "Stick" (like the massager) across my throat. Luckily, even though I'm not exactly a no-neck football linemen, I was on my side and had enough neck muscle to prevent the airway from being collapsed like it would have been if I were on my back. I woke up gasping and shaking, almost afraid to turn around and see if the reaper were standing there.

zencycle said...

I really hope I die in my sleep, either that, or some spectacular debacle of my own devices.