Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So I reread my last post and there was some drivel about regular posts. Once every six months. That'll be about it.

I've had alot of stupid shit happening in my life recently, most of it beyond my control. So now. I'm tired.

Fucking tired.

I need a vacation. A real one where you go away and don't worry about all the shit back home. Still, I compare my problems to many of those around me, and they pale in comparison.

My relative (cousin) whose son suffers from manic depression, but hates taking his meds and pulled a knife on his dad (my cousin) recently.

My friend who owns his own business and ended up getting sued by three different people for three separate unrelated issues, and if the lawsuits don't succeed in bankrupting him, the lawyers fees might.

Then there's all the other assorted bullshit going on in the world, from genocide in Sudan to idiot fundamentalists killing each other for no legitimate reason, and worse yet, the innocents caught up in the cross fire.

So my life is actually pretty good, but still, when it happens to you it sucks. This is because we are spoiled and selfish. I'm spoiled. I'm selfish. I just want to get paid for doing as little work as possible and get enough sleep so i don't get dropped in my next race. When things happen that interfere with that plan, I get cranky. Because I'm selfish and spoiled.

So Fuck You. I need a vacation