Thursday, August 27, 2009

The ZenBox

What's Zen Listening to?

I have over 800 CDs I've been collecting for over 20 years now. I've recorded them all onto a few portable hard drives. (redundancy, so I don't have to spend 6 months recording them all over again should one of the HDs crap out).

Should you want to check out the eclectic music lack-of-preference of The Master of The Double X Funk, set up windows IM on your computer, add me as a contact, and you'll be able to see what comes next on the almost 8000 songs in my library.

No, I've never joined or downloaded any of these from a peer sharing network.
Yes, every song here was on a CD purchased by me at one time or another.

So, from Albinoni to Weiss,
from ABBA to ZZtop,
from Adult Contemporary Alternative to World Beat,

I bring you ZenBox

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