Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Plain Fun

First, let me say this is the kind of thing I live for; my live traffic feed displayed:

East Providence, Rhode Island left "the zen of cycling" via

I'm always happy to broaden the horizons of others.

But tonight, as I'm sitting here being painfully bored by olympic diving, waiting for coverage of track and field, I decided to post the data from a portion of my ride home from work.

I had planned for 30 miles, but at the 9 mile point I was in georgetown center preparing to head west on rte. 97 and came upon a box truck at the light (jct of 97/133).

So I hop in the truck draft and and quickly brought up to 40 mph. As I approached my turn (~1.5 miles later - salem st), I decided to sit in, and ended up riding the draft all the way to the groveland bridge in haverhill (pic is from the floods of '06). I averaged just shy of 40 mph for the leg. I'm glad I have the 11 on the back.

The section of interest is between the 9 and 12 mile marks. The road is very flat, just a few little rises that, even without a draft or tailwind, really don't push your HR much above where you're currently working, so staying in a smooth steady truck draft isn't really difficult. Still, 3 miles at 40 mph in a draft is pretty close to a record. I do remember during a commute to work at MEEI 15 years ago that I drafted a semi-trailer all the way from lexington center to arlington center, though the speed was much slower.

It was Just Plain Fun.

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Il Bruce said...

Must have been G-(spanikn) Willi. He's the only other perv in EP.

Can't wain until wifey cleans he Mac.