Monday, November 11, 2013

Psychlocross 101 - The Skofield Portage Method

The BOB Racing Team constantly strives to develop innovative new training and racing techniques.
Here, our own indomitable Duane Skofield shows off his 'Thrust and Parry" portage method:

After the dismount, keep the handlebars back toward the hips. As you hit the run up, bring
the bars around in a sweeping arc, so that the outside arm is above your head.

Note the rider in front of our Duane-o using the old shoulder portage method. Just ignore the fact that he's wearing the star-and-stripes of the national champion, he clearly would benefit from Duane's technique.

As you near the top of the run up, the bike should bear near vertical. If the run up is very steep, you may need to employ some added body English to get the bike fully vertical. Here, Duane is forcing his thigh under the back of the seat to get full height out of the bike.

By thrusting the bike as high as possible, you can use the momentum of the bike to carry it over the top. Once you hit the top, complete the wide sweeping arc by thrusting the handlebars downward. The momentum of the rear of the bike will carry the frame up over the top. This is similar to the "table-top" technique used by BMX and motoX stunt riders. Note the clearance Duane achieves below. There
is more than enough room to allow for any barriers that may be placed at the top of the run up.

That's all, n-stuff.