Tuesday, August 12, 2008

in the spirit of unity

so the oympics are on, and so far there have been exactly two bright spots. One was the US win in the 4x100 swimming relay over those arrogant french pukes, and the other was the scope of the opening ceremony....but.....

wasn't that only a little intimidating - 1500 chinese soldier looking dudes beating drums in unison?

The americans in road cycling have been a joke. No one even in the top ten in either event? fuuuuuck meeeeeee!!!!!!!

Maybe the US will see some redemption in the road TT. It's not like we don't have a good shot with leipheimer, zabriski, and armstrong.

Then I watched boxing.
I saw two very disturbing matches. The two things they had in common were a) a gross mismatch and b) a gross attitude of arrogance on the part of the winners.

Now, Im no boxing expert. I do love the sport, and know a good fight and fighter when I see one, but I couldn't tell you any of the current world champions. I kind of stopped paying attention when it was apparent that don king had ruined the sport, and allowed tyson to become a monster.

Anyway, first I watched Ali Hallab (FRA) vs Akhil Kumar (IND). As much as like to see the french get smacked around, and this one a muslim no less, Kumars taunting antics were beyond the pale of the spirit of sportsmanship I was hoping to see in these games.

Then I watched Yu Gu (CHN) vs Joe Murray (GBR). Again, murray was hopelessly outclassed. Actually neither one of these guys could fight for shit. When I tell you they weren't fighting any better than a couple of skinny hill climbing bike racers, I know what I'm talking about. Gu was so far ahead in the last round, he actually started running _away_ from murray. Really, I'm not kidding. Watch the fight when it gets to youtube.

On the bright side, this kid phelps is looking pretty unstoppable right now, as of this writing he has 4 golds out of a hopeful 8, and I think the us womens gymnastics leotards are just too fucking cute.

go team.


solobreak said...

Wait a minute, Zencycle is doing an Olympics post, and not a word about womens gymnastics?

Levi gets bronze in the TT. Yawn. That guy doesn't exactly sell the sport.

Track cycling coverage looks to be non-existent, except maybe the gold medal rounds. Would be nice to see the points races and team pursuits. But I don't have cable. Which also means I won't get to see the softball (better than gymnastics in my opinion. Good scenery AND an interesting, hard-fought sport).

zencycle said...

Silly pervert, gymnasts are for kids!

Not really, My first really good girlfriend was a gymnast, I _do_ miss the heels-behind-the-head trick.

Anyways reread the post, I specifically mentioned womens gymnastics. I wanted to post a picture of a few of their little red asses, but couldn't find a posterior shot on the web.

BTW - yeah, levi, [snore], how the fuck does a dud like that rate odessa?

solobreak said...

Oh, I missed that line. You lost me at swimming. Not sure of the appeal there, as without the telestrater you can't tell who is who once they get in the water. On the platform, well, the female swimmers don't exactly do it for me.

NCAA gymnastics are much better. They may not be able to do all the routines as well, but at least they're grown up (enough).