Friday, May 9, 2008

The Hardware - Tsunami!

Now that I figured the camera out, I can repost reasonable pics (good thought on the macro/ micro setting Solo, but that wasn't it (I've been had by that before as well). If you look closely at the pics it's obvious I was experiencing some latent DTs or something. I did some experimentation and it seems that the 'red eye' flash setting had some thing to do with it) of the main race bike; an '05 Tsunami Compact 3, full carbon frame and fork.

This isn't the best bike I've ever ridden. I think the fork rake is too steep (not enough trail?) since the bike is horrible to handle with no hands. It either leans over right away or breaks into a wobble. It does this regardless of the wheels on the bike. As long as I have my hands on the bars it's fine, and I have done descents pushing 60 MPH with no problems. I know it isn't me, since I can ride every other bike no handed with no problems.

Other than that, it's pretty light - 16.75 pounds as shown. It accelerates well, handles decently in criteriums, and rides comfortably. Not bad for $700 for the frame and fork.

I have it set up with campy chorus 9 speed, FSA BB and carbon crank (actually, Giant Team Issue from Chucks Bikes), Cane Creek headset and 200SL brakes, Easton EC 90 post and EA90 stem, ITM bar, Speedplay TI pedals, selle san marco saddle.

The wheels shown are Mavic Gel 330 on Record hubs with Conti Sprinter 250 tubulars. I have a set of Zipp 303s with Tufo tubulars for hilly races. The Zipps drop the weight another few ounces.

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