Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Or, 'It's Wearing A Little Thin, Part 2'
Or, 'fucking irony, part 2'

This post is about a week late.

So I changed out the thread bare michelin axial pro. By the time I did, as I noted earlier, there was probably two inches of tread that _didn't_ have casing showing through. I didn't have another reasonable training tire, so I threw on a Hutcinson Carbon Comp.

The next evening (a thursday) it flatted.
The following monday morning it flatted - though I didn't see it until I went to ride home.
The next morning, less than a mile from home, it flatted.

Enough of this shit.

I rode it home and put on my Vector Pro with the michelin axial pro and rode it the rest of the week.

I had already order a set of my favorite training tires - Panaracer Stradius Pro. I've gotten 10K miles out of these before - I didn't toss them until the sidewalls started to delaminate. They came saturday. I ordered a set of 28-35c tubes as well. Nothing like a 28C tube in a 23C tire for added rolling resistance.

back to it.

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