Monday, June 16, 2008

Another 'perfect' week

Well, last week I made five commutes by bike, monday through friday. A week of not having to start my car once. The mileage for the week ended up being 115, as I put in a few extra on the way home one day.

Saturday I ended up driving up the FOMBA trails at Lake Massabesic in lovely Auburn, NH. Over 12 miles of single track bliss. I hooked up with The One And Only Dr. Bigelow. I've done road rides with him but never off road. The guy is a fucking riot off road, telling jokes, making silly comments, and exchanging cycling war stories while negotiating some of the best terrain new england has to offer.

It's now monday afternoon. I could have ridden in today, as there were only slight sprinkles, but the forecast showed the potential for severe storms. So tonight I'm going to go home and attempt a short run. After six days of riding last week, and then spending the rest of saturday doing yard work with _no_ achilles pain, it's time to try a short run.

I'll let you know how it works out.


solobreak said...

I sort of had a perfect week. I did not drive my new car for 8 days. I got by commuting to work twice, telecommuting once, and using my old car the rest of the time. And I took the T to the ball park. I didn't ride in today. I am a wuss.

zencycle said...

Hey, monday was risky, they were predicting possibly violent Tstorms with hail. None of it happened, we had light sprinkles over noon.