Friday, June 6, 2008

now that you got a few bucks in your pocket, you ain't the same any more, you walk like you're a dental student, or a plumber

So I'm sitting here at about midnight on a friday, watching a mildly entertaining movie with Matt Dillon and Lily Taylor. He's a writer, and not a very good one. His personality depends on his ineptitude. The more successful he is, the less of a human he is.

It got me thinking about writing. I commented to Solo recently about how I had won a writing contest for a cycling magazine, and found out later there were only three entrants. Hey, a win is a win, right?

I like to think I can write well. Obviously, there are better writers than me, not just in substance, but in content, as well as context. I've written alot in my life, and in fact have a reasonable talent for technical writing. I wrote this. I set up and performed all the tests, recorded the data, generated the charts, wrote the analysis, filed the application, and explained the details and discrepancies to the FCC technical investigators. Now, it isn't the best technical writing, or even _my_ best technical writing, but it managed to get my company the first and only part 90 FCC certification for a portable spread spectrum video transmitter in the United States. I did 6 of these applications in my 4 years at that company, and never had a rejection.

I've tried writing real literature. I started writing a novella based on my early 20s, specifically about my first real love. If I find it, I'll post it. I thought it was good, as did the Girlfriend I had the time (not the one I wrote the story about). She said it was 'passionate'. She wasn't a critic, she was a masters level environmental engineer working on her doctorate in environmental science at Yale. Yes, _the_ yale in connecticut. She had fabulous tits. Take that accolade for what it was worth.

So I have this shitty blog. I write crappy commentaries on my life experiences, but truth be told, I really don't have the time, patience, or even the attention span to write anything like this.

Well, I'm going to try mountain biking for the first time since the snow was on the ground last winter, and see if my achilles can handle it. Maybe I'll find some inspiration in the new growth of the late spring.

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