Monday, June 9, 2008

nazi douchebags

Well, I guess the party’s over. I came to work this morning and was greeted with this:

We had a reprieve from the web Nazis here for a while, but, I guess they decided the pay the bill and get the subscription turned back on. No more google groups or webmail. Fortunately they haven’t figured out how to get rid of the local non-browser hotmail client known as ‘live mail’.

We get warning pages too, so I can click by them and still get to those sites. Blogger is one of them. So I can get to _most_ of my favorite blogs except Drunk Cyclist. That’s too bad, since he’s one of the best cyber warriors out there, not to mention a Good American Free-thinking Liberal (not hung up on all that ‘god’ nonsense. I don’t think he’s an atheist, I just think he realizes how fucking stupid religionists are, though I could be wrong).

I was stylin’ during the Giro, since live tickers weren’t being blocked, but I remember when the filter _was_ in the page I have to keep hitting ‘update’ and then keep hitting ‘proceed’ to get the ticker to update. It happens automatically without the filter.

Fucking douchbag Nazis….

I got out on the MTB on both Saturday and Sunday, in the heat. I was diggin’ it. I really dig this 95 degree 90% humidity action. Saturday was a shorter ride since I had some errands to run, but Sunday I did my favorite local ride in the Winnekenni conservation area.

Winnekenni isn’t huge (allegedly 700 acres), but there are a lot of trails, including two sections of super twisty single track totaling about 1.5 miles, most of it on the side of a hill that wraps around on itself several times, and a ½ mile long access road hill at about 5% - not very steep but with washouts and very soft spots. I managed to string together a point to point route about 6.8 miles that only uses one short section of fire road twice. If you go one way, then turn around and ride it the other direction, you get a reasonably technical 13 mile workout that takes just under 90 minutes with about 1200 feet of climbing, most of it in little 50’ rises, not including the ride to and from the park. It’s usually sparsely populated enough so you can really push the effort and not have to worry about other park users.

This is the polar output:

I didn’t feel any real pain either day, though towards the end of Sundays ride, I could feel a slight pain in the connective tissue on the outside of my right calf.

I rode to work today, and felt good all the way in, except that I ended up with the same pain after I got in.

At my therapy session today, we discussed the pain, where it was, when it showed up…Shes thinking I might need some of those high-end custom orthotics.

But the good news is that _none_ of the pain I’ve been having is debilitating, I’m going to start upping my weekly milage, try to get in more two-hour rides. When I can do a ten-hour week with no pain, I’ll try the Tuesday Night Fights.

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