Friday, June 27, 2008

I finally got one

A good workout, that is..

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling exceptionally sluggish, so I drank a 12 oz cup of _very_ robust columbian coffee and ate a power bar about 30 minutes before I left work.

That worked. About ten minutes into my ride home, I said, 'let's work, bitch'.

I only got an hour in, but I averaged over 20 MPH with my average HR at 166, about 83% of max.

Now, this isn't exactly blistering pace, but keep in mind that this will be the 4th week this year that I've got more than 100 miles in. Not to mention the fact that this 20 miles took in a lot of stop signs, getting stuck in haverhill traffic, both a warm up and cool down, and I've done _no_ speed work other than an occasional truck draft.

So a 20 mph average isn't _too_ shabby, though the avg HR of 166 is a bit high for that speed. The last comparable day I have in my polar log was last september, when I did another 1 hr ride after work, avgd just over 20, and had an avg HR of 155.

The polar plot is below. clickie makes biggie.

Speaking of truck drafts, that little 30 MPH spike at the end was me hopping in behind a mercedes suv for a bit. It was a short section of road and the truck turned off after about 1/4 mile.

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solobreak said...

"though the avg HR of 166 is a bit high for that speed."

Um, coffee?

This reminds me of my Snickers post. I eat my lunch early (11:45) and work late (5:45) so if I don't eat in the afternoon, my workouts suck. It's the not eating too much part that I have trouble with.

I don't motorpace very often anymore. I used to live by it, but then I started thinking that I've gotten away with it for so long without incident, maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.