Monday, March 17, 2008

A week has gone by.

I did one night of 'core work': my standard off season regimen of crunches, back extensions, and leg curls, but I did leg extensions this time instead of squats (I know, squats and leg curls don't qualify as core work. Fuck off). I lack any semblance of motivation, my basement is still cold, and maneuvering around my weight bench is a pain in the ass with this cast on.

I have noticed a sharp decrease in my appetite since I have done shit for over three weeks now. Here's this weekends dietary journal:


9 AM two egg ham and cheese omlet and 20 oz vat-o-java (two tbsp each of cream and sugar)

1:30 PM One order of buffalo wings and one 20 oz sams winter wheat at the 99.

3 pm one 16 oz guinness

7 pm one order of fried onion rings and two 12 oz sams lager.


9 am one rather large whole wheat pancake with butter and artificial maple syrup, two pieces of bacon and 20 oz vat-o-java (two tbsp each of cream and sugar)

5 pm ~ 8 oz serving of chicken pot pie

8 pm ~ 8 oz glass of yellow tail merlot

10:30 golf ball sized dollop of p-nut butter

I'm thinkin', all weekend, I probably took in a s many calories as a I would have in one meal (minus the beer calories) had I been riding the number of hours I planned to at this point. Of course, Had I been riding, I would have been a little more conscious of _what_ I was eating as well, and the buffalo wings and onion rings wouldn't have happened.

I'll have to see if I can get on the trainer with this fucking boot.


solobreak said...

So if my math is correct, you spent like 8 hours at the 99? We need to talk...

Don't ride the trainer with the boot. Relax. You'll get fit again in no time. Work on bikes or start your novel or something.

Core -- try this. Very cool exercise. Harder than it looks if you do it correctly.

If all else fails, go look at these in lieu of training.

ps - I ate a shitload this weekend.

zencycle said...

HAH! 8 hours at the 99, no, I was only there about an hour. I had the guinnness at home.

I've done the stretch you posted, yup, it actually feels good....after I'm done.

Thanks for the amy photos. I like the beach shots

solobreak said...

yes, white is her color...