Tuesday, March 4, 2008

fuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee (a.k.a., The Whiney Post)

Prognosis is in......Slightly torn achilles tendon.


Yesterday, my primary care physician was somewhat incredulous that I wasn't actually in pain, and scheduled an apt for me this morning with an orthopedic surgeon he knows that has a number of athletic clients.

This doctor, at the Leahy Clinic Orthopedic Surgery Dept., said no riding for at least two more weeks and 'normal' training will have to wait a month to commence, Provided I wear this during most of my waking hours:

Yup, that's my foot.

For the next month I an to eschew any activities that involve any sort of stress on the achilles tendon. This pretty much rules out any aerobic activities whatsoever. Even though she said I can ride in two weeks, she said I must do whatever it takes to restrict the movement of the tendon, and she suggested I try to find a way to ride with the boot. I asked about taping the ankle up really well, and her response first to make a disapproving frown, then said If I tried it, to be very cognizant of discomfort. Not pain, discomfort, and if I felt discomfort to stop immediately. If I don't wear the boot, according to the orthopedist, I stand a chance of creating a nodule on the tendon which will result in chronic tendonitis. Even still, she said no outdoor riding until I see her again in one month. Then she'll re-assess the knot on the tendon (actually visible) and make a recommendation from there.

I guess I'm going to be restricted to the machines in the gym. I can do quad work with a leg press, as long as I put all the force into the heel and don't flex the ankle. I can do leg flexion work as well (hamstrings, glutes), and of course there's nothing restricting me on core work. There's a new Yoga place that just opened up across the street from work, I can try that too.

The irony of this is that I spent six hours on my commuter bike this weekend, prepping it for this year. I had actually planned on riding in this week....weather permitting (I hate cold rain). I rebuilt the rear hub including the freehub, new chain, cassette, and a long overdue replacement of the index gear in the rear shifter (gotta luv that about campagnolo, a $40 indexing gear and it shifts like new).

Well, I was seriously wondering how much riding more than commuting I was going to be able to do this year, just because of other issues in my life mostly relating to that money pit in manch-vegas. I guess the decision has been made.

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