Monday, March 24, 2008

Porkslappin' Snapperhead

I had to do it.

As I haven't been able to work out because I'm still 'booted'. I've had less guilt about drinking more. (note the subtitle of the blog). In preparation for our annual more-than-secular easter dinner, I decided I would bring one of my usual microbrews, typically a Flying Dog or Sam Adams. The store I go to - which has a small but eclectic selection of european an domestic brews - usually has some thing interesting. There it was.

Snapperhead and Porkslap ales, two offerings from Butternuts Beer and Ale Company in Garrastville, NY

The Porkslap was a hearty ale with a bitter finish. The Snapperhead was more along the lines of a bass. Both were well made, with no yeasty or skunky contaminants. They were both typical microbrewed offerings, which is to say, they were both pretty good. Bitter ales don't do much for me, so I won't be goin' porkslappin' again any time soon, but a nice cold snapperhead on a hot summer day would fit the bill.

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zanne said...

... those cans are pretty cute! We'll have to check those out on our trip back east this summer.