Wednesday, March 5, 2008

random post.

I have dreams. I like it when I dream. It's rare when I have one I don't enjoy. Over the years I've had certain recurring dreams. My favorite is one where I could fly. I haven't had that dream in about ten years, and the only reason I can think why is that I'm now a father of a 12 year old. I'm guessing as the responsibility of being a parent became more and more demanding, it became more and more obvious I don't have the freedom to fly, but then, I could be completely full of shit.

I have 'old house' dreams not infrequently. Usually they involve me finding a new hidden room/floor in my home or back before my parents moved in with me, in their home. The rooms were always massive, and either ornate and majestic or dilapidated but filled with interesting items. In one of my dreams, my current home has an entire additional floor with a massive ballroom and a conservatory.

I had a new dream last night. In it, the money pit (manch-vegas triple decker) has another large room off the back. I discovered it, and found a large collection of old musical instruments, strewn about in dusty cases. I found a small horn, similar to a french horn, but half the size.

Then came something really strange: A strip of photographs. I know the source of this: In my current home, I was remodeling tha basement and came across a set of old negatives from a family dinner. I'm assuming the y were taken in my house. From the clothing the attendes were wearing, it was obviously no later than the mid 60's. I didn't keep them.

In this dream though, they were sort of like a strip of negatives, only they were positives.

They featured a young blonde woman in a 60's era outfit that looked somthing like this:

On the strip was printed "UC Berkely, 1967". She was posing in what could be considered 'fashion shoot' poses. She was cute, but not gorgeous. She bore no resemblance to any one I know. The photos were taken on the front step of an apartment of house, outside. I didn't recognize the location.

I'm not sure what to make of it, if anything. I just thought it was interesting.

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solobreak said...

I've had a recurring dream for decades where I'm riding in an old sixties car with crappy headlights on a totally dark, twisty road next to a lake. We go in and perish. The past few years there has been a new variant, where it's not as dark, and I'm driving, next to the ocean. I go over a rise and suddenly the road goes straight into the water. I don't dream very often anymore, but these come back every few months or so. I have no idea of the source but I've been telling a few people so that if I'm to die this way, you'll know I saw it coming. Dream on!