Friday, February 15, 2008

Stick With Chocolate.

Stick With Chocolate

So yesterday was valentines day. Being the dutiful father and husband, I picked up cards and gifts for my wife and daughter.

Wife - A card from the 'love' section rather than the cheesy classless plethora of unimaginative, pink, sappy (or otherwise low-brow humor) valentine card section, and a small bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream.

Daughter - The card hunt was much more difficult, but I found a 'friendship' card that didn't sound like it came from one of her 12-year-old friends. Then, a small book called 'dadisms - what he says versus what he means'. A tongue-in-cheek review of quips and euphemisms that dads say to their kids. I though it was cute.

She didn't. While not totally dismissive, I got a quizzical sideways glance, an arrested smile, and an 'ooooooookaaaaaaayy'.

The wife was more appreciative. I'm not sure where I got the idea she liked an occasional Bailey's on the rocks. I'm sure I've seen her with a small snifter or old-fashioned glass on a chilly night.

But then again, maybe not.

She thanked me, followed with "I don't get it".


I expressed minor frustration, and relayed our daughters reaction.

"Well, what did you expect" she quipped. "it wasn't chocolate"

It wasn't. Indeed.

I should have known better. Earlier in the week I came home from work and found the two of them snacking on one of those legal-enveloped sized bars of Lindt (with hazelnuts) and watching American Idol.

They were giddy.

Note to self: Stick With Chocolate.

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