Monday, February 4, 2008

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Kind of an incredibly trite title, doncha think? Over-used, worn-out, downright banal. Well, That's all I got for ya. After this weekends vast range of stress and entertainment, The banality of my life is really all I have to go on right now.

Apt -
The good - I managed to get in and rip out the water damaged plaster and replace it with dry wall.
The bad - 2nd floor tenants still have crap in the apartment. Fortunately they are sleeping in their new place, so I can get in and work at night, but happy happy, joy joy, I get to go to my full time job, then go work on the apt after work. Third floor tenants only gave me 1/2 the rent.
The Ugly - My handiwork, It's a good thing the building inspector isn't' interested in aesthetics.

Sunday I was having none of it. I had planned to run the Frigid Fiver in Newburyport, and desperately need the stress relief. I decided to make it a really workout, so I rode my bike 15 miles from my house, via the rollercoaster road of rte 113.
The good - I set a PR for a five mile race, in february no less, of 32:36. Good for 14th out of 150. This is a full 30 sec faster than my previous PR which I set in early October seven years ago at the Bobby Bell Road Race when I was very fit from racing (bikes) all summer. I felt good on the ride home, but the last hill to my house let me know - yes, it's february. Still, 30 miles on the bike and a PR five mile run. I'm satisfied
The Bad - I really thought I would run well under 32, and was shooting for 31:45. I assumed at the slowest I would do a sec/mile off my slowest assumed pace. Shit.
The ugly - getting passed by five guys on the last climb, at the 4 mile mark. DAMMIT! I weigh 140, there's no excuse for getting passed by 5 guys going uphill, all of whom had a good 25 pounds on me.

Superbowl -
The Good.......I got nothin'. Unless you want to count the company. Good friends.
The Bad......losing after going undefeated for the whole season.
The Ugly...Where do I begin? No answer for the pass rush, three missed interceptions, At least two very very bad calls by the officials, most noteworthy: Smith pushing Samuel away for a 45 yard gain, right in front of the official; Thomas landing on a fumble, laying on it when the play was blown dead, having a giant player wrestle it away after the whistle, and the refs give to them. Granted, that's not why the pats lost. They lost because they played without heart. They didn't want it bad enough.
The ugliest - Belichick leaving the field with 1 second on the clock. Game over? sure. But you just don't do that. Even Moss stayed on the field.

Worse yet, now us patriots fans are going to have to listen to every belicheat/cheatriots naysayer anti-bandwagon fan for as long as belichick is associated with the team. Present and future blogs and editorials will be rife with "The Patriots have proven they cannot win without cheating, their past superbowl victories are tarnished". You know that's what we're going to hear, no matter how well they do in the future, and that sucks. The patriots will be remembered as the worst 18-1 team in NFL history. Quite possibly the biggest choke of all time.

But, that's in the past. Ancient history. It's time to move on. I had no vested interest in their win, just the emotional boost of seeing a perfect season from my favorite team in my lifetime.

So, move on, I will.


solobreak said...

I don't know football too well, but I thought the Giants pretty much sucked, other than an amazingly effective pass rush. That the Pats never managed to get off a decent run against it leads me to think they Giants knew when they were going to run.

The Giants offense was nothing and like you said, they backed into it.

My biggest superbowl disappointment? Maybe I missed it, but not one mention of performance enhancing drugs. Even from cycling bloggers who rush to witch-hunt judgment on every cyclist with unfounded charges leveled against them (cough, gewilli, cough). With football the entire nation, even the bike racers, seems gleeful to look away.

Some hottie flashing her goodies might have helped...

zencycle said...

Actually I was thinking the same thing. Might be nice to have someone who has a record game pee in a cup?

solobreak said...

I'd be ok with it if they just had the hottie pee in the cup, so long as they broadcast the video.

zencycle said...

Why Solo, I didn't know you were into golden showers......