Monday, September 13, 2010

Non - Sequiturs

I found a Fuji Suncrest behind the shed of the New Hampshire redneck I recently bought some decking from. The derailleur was snapped off, both tires were flat, and all the cables were rusted solid. It's a decent 4130 TIG welded frame with forged dropouts. It had a complete shitmano exage LX component group, and what also caught my eye was the Farmer John tire on the front wheel. My first race MTB (Diamondback Ascent c1989) came with farmer johns.

Based on the frame and components, it was probably an entry level race bike when it was originally sold. My web research turns up a vintage of around 1990 - my guess was early 90's based on the components, frame, and rigid fork. I offered him 20 bucks for it - and he actually had to fucking think about it.......It's going to be a project fixed/single speed conversion. I'll post pictures when it's done.

I skipped out on the QuadCycles CX race yesterday because I rebuilt my front steps on saturday, which necessarily require much cutting and lifting of lumber, as well as mixing and pouring of concrete. I'm 48, I decided it wasn't in my best interest to _start_ a 'cross race in pain.

Michael Collins Irish Whiskey sucks......really....(I don't care what these twits say)

And this from Chicks and saw that in a movie once.....

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solobreak said...

There is a bottle of Michael Collins behind the bar at Napper Tandys and it's almost empty.