Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Day Is Upon Us

I'll bet you're thinking this post is about obama.


I found a picture on the web recently, on Drunk Cyclist to be exact. It's of a lower back tattoo, on a woman, affectionately known as a 'tramp stamp'. Now, I think chicks with tattoos are hot, well, the chick has to be at least mediocre looking to begin with. I don't find scary fat crackwhore chicks with tattoos to be very hot, but I think even your everyday, girl-next-door with ink is cool, and the more erotically placed and based, the better. I think tattoos that wrap fully around a womans vagina are cool. I like it when I see a woman with asian-style artwork of a white tiger that wraps around her waist. Nothing really shocks me, because I surf alot of porn, and I've even seen tattoos on a white womans 'mons pubis' that said "black cock whore".

Still, I have to admit, what I saw today took me slightly aback. I'm not a judgmental person by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to personal appearance (I save that for your political beliefs), but, I'd love to meet the woman sporting this tattoo, just to find out what in her personality would prompt her to get such a....hmmmm....inflammatory tattoo?

So there she is. It is truly a New Day in America, when a woman has the the freedom to publicly display a tattoo of two chicks licking a spurting penis on her back, albeit camouflaged as a butterfly. More power to you, honey.

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Judi said...

that is crazy!