Sunday, February 22, 2009

put up or shut up

I’m not saying lance did or did not dope. I don’t know. I don’t have access to any real evidence that shows he did. For that fact, neither do you but shrieking like ann coulter on this issue does the whole issue very little justice.

In the end what does it really matter to you, me, or any one? If anything armstrong did proved detrimental to the sport, I could see a point, but his involvement has proven to be the biggest boon to cycling this country has ever seen. His benefit to the sport has been immeasurable, and any detriment is being overblown, overstated, and to this point, quite insignificant. The constant anti-lance chanting comes across to those not-so-involved in the sport as no different than rightwing radio hate speech.

Lances involvement in the sport benefits me because people on the roads show me more respect as I cruise past a line of traffic clad in lycra. Once a month at work, someone asks for my advice on buying or fixing a bike. Before lance, I actually had co-workers call me ’stupid’ for commuting by bike - that hasn’t happened since lance started winning the tour.

Ask yourself honestly, do you really believe that lance being driven from the sport could in _any_ way be benficial to the sport? Are you really so naive to think that lance being driven away would give young racers pause in making the decision to dope or not? If anything, I could see it having the effect of driving talented riders away from the sport, Why bother with professional racing if, when you win, everyone accuses you of doping?

The burden of proof is on you haters. That’s the way our system of justice works. You think I took drugs? You need to prove it, not just keep up a rush limbaugh-esqe hate chant. That’s where we are. There is no proof. All the accusations have been conjecture or heresay, all the ‘proof’ has been generated under dubious circumstances or downright bogus, and the more you keep pushing discredited ‘evidence’ the more it makes you look like a intelligent design kook.

Peace Out, Mother Fuckers.

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