Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the Banality of the Middle-Aged Wannabe Bike Racer

Alright, it's been a week since my last post, but, well, it's that time of year. Not much goes on. Random thoughts:

Our New President is getting inaugurated today, and as much as I'm a supporter of the new administration, I'm tired of and disgusted by the media frenzy. I usually listen to NPR in the morning, but today I watched the NFL networks' "total access". Even then, I had to turn it off because they were running a segment on the inauguration, from the perspective of black football players. I drove to work pressing the seek button on my radio hoping for music.

In the past week I've had to repair both my snow blower (stripped auger gear) and vacuum cleaner (broken brush belt).

I haven't had a good workout in a week, since my last indoor track session with Fernando Braz. But, tonight, I'm going again.

I have a big project at work that is coming due, and it looks like I'll have to go to New York to wrap up some loose ends on the installation.

I've signed up for: Battenkill-Roubaix; Irish Pub Series; and the Harpoon Indoor TT. Look forward to reports.

Welcome to the Banality of the Middle-Aged Wannabe Bike Racer, mired in the morass of the jobwifehomecarkids-life.

(courtesy of Dr. Dot)

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