Monday, July 21, 2008

the end of something is the start of something else

Back from a somewhat relaxing vacation, I'm greeted with all the things I still need to get done, as well as new things that need to get done.

At least while I was away I managed some decent riding, two 60 mile rides and one 40 mile ride. Easy paces, no big hills, taking in the lovely scenery of the southern end of the white mtns. At least from that aspect, plus copious amounts of alcohol, I _did_ manage to relax.

Probably the most disconcerting of the new issues was the Blue Screen Of Death on my work laptop. I took on the trip with me because it has the polar software, plays DVDs, and had about 15 Gb of music on it. Fortunately, the failure was a known problem on that model of Dell, so my boss was rather non-nonchalant about it. Also, the big project I'm on right now uses a stand-alone network with alpha-level application-specific server software. IT won't let us hook that up to the corporate network, I can't say as I blame them.

I took the MTB to work today and rode the trails at the Osgood Hill and Weir Hill reservations after work. It isn't too tough, but fun and varied. Weir hill is a 200'hill with two trails aver the top of it. If I start at the osgood trailhead then zigzag the trails at Weir hill in both directions, I get about 12 miles, with 4 trips up the main hill. Each trip up the hill takes about three minutes at AT.

I've decided to concentrate on MTB riding for the rest of the year, just because I can, but I'll still commute on the road bike whenever possible. A ten mile road ride home, then hop on the MTB for a 15 mile ride through the trails at winnekenni should suffice.

Running is OFF for the foreseeable future. I still can't walk for extended periods without heel pain developing. Otherwise, I'd be working in running races and duathlons.

that trip to georgia was one of the most stupid things I've ever done.

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