Monday, July 14, 2008

Support Your (Not So) Local Bike Racer

Gotta luv my wife.

We went on vacation this week, and this morning I was greeted with this:

An Official Team Rabobank Toothbrush!!!!! But wait, Here's the best part:


Yes, that's right, Aquafresh matches the color scheme of Team Rabobank.

OK, I know, There is no such thing as an official team rabobank toothbrush. But I mean, come on. Here we are watching Ol' Denny Menchov try to make up for past sins, (not his), and my wife very innocently picks out toiletries matching the team from Denmark The Netherlands .

I hereby have no coice, I must pick Menchov for the win.


Il Bruce said...


Something fishy....

zencycle said...


Thank you for pointing out my mistake.

solobreak said...

Well we can be certain it's not the UK...

solobreak said...

You know, other than that Laurent Fignon/Chris Horner illegitimate love child overlength receding hairdo of yours, you do kinda look like one of those skinny Rabobank fucks. You should buy the kit.

zencycle said...

If I _was_ the illegitimate love child of two world-class cyclists, I wouldn't be blogging about racing, I'd be doing it.

BTW - I hacked off the long hair ten years ago.

You're cranky today, do you need to get laid? (no, I'm not offering)