Thursday, May 1, 2008

non sequitur

I had a bizarre dream last night. I dreamed I was going to visit a friend at the international space station. I wasn't an astronaut, just a paying passenger. When I got there, insanity had run amok. one of the 'residents' had killed all the others, and managed to kill the shuttle 'pilots' that flew me up there, then destroy the shuttle killing himself in the process. I was left alone on the space station in a rapidly deteriorating orbit. The last thing I remember before I woke up with a start, was floating in space in a spacesuit, watching the space station flame out as it descended towards earth.

For some reason this dream really troubled me, and I had a hard time getting back to sleep.

Back on topic.

Since my injury seems to have been 'healing' (get it? heal, heel? HAH!) properly, I've decided to 'step' it up a notch by running more (get it? step, run? HAH! I'm on fire!!!!).
I just happened to be driving by the New Balance Factory Store in Lawrence tuesday, and decided to pop in and see if the had a good pair of XC running shoes. Was I surprised!!!. They had a whole new batch of their latest XC racer, the M800, in the wicked orange and black, for $50!!!!
So yesterday at lunch I hit the trails by work. A bit too much mud, but damn, these shoes dug right in. This is what they look like after the 5K loop.

The trails vary from a fire road to winding technical single track, with fallen logs, stone wall crossings, mud, cambered hillside, rocks, and roots. The shoes gave firm and confident footing and control. No, this isn't the trail, but it's close enough.

So yesterday and today - ride to work (15K) run at lunch (5K) and ride home (15K).
Tomorrow - ride to and from work.
This weekend there are two running events local to me, the Spring Fever 5K and Foot Health 5K. I hope to be able to ride to both of them, run, then ride home, but Manch-vegas could conspire against me. We had the decks for all three apartments plus the front deck replaced this spring, so now I have an SUV sized pile of pressure-treated and partially painted wood to dispose of. There's a local disposal company that promises to dispose of safely, and he will give me a break if I help him load it. That and I have to re route the sump hose (long story). So, what ever day gets the nod from the disposal company, I probably won't race that day.

Geeze, I just noticed I wrote 'race'. What I'm doing can hardly be called racing. Race _training_ maybe. The point will be to establish a baseline after recovering from the torn achilles, and develop a plan from there.

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