Monday, May 5, 2008

Dial it back

The message was made clear:
"Stop now or you'll regret it"
After a nearly perfect week , then two good days of riding and running, I was prepared to take it up a notch. After thursdays run, I had my reservations. Friday, I had a 'wait and see attitude', but the confluence of events convinced me to scrap the whole idea.
Both calves sore from running wednesday and thursday.
Rain and cold on both saturday and sunday.
Worked for most of the day saturday in manch-vegas.
The wife had a 'jewelry party' on sunday, an I was invited to an Irish Seissun at Mr. Dooleys in Boston with my friend and Fiddler Extrordinaire Eamon Coyne, who was working there with Patsy Whalen, another irish immigrant/internationally famous seissun musician.
So, with all that stacked up, I pretty much resigned myself to drinking and eating this weekend. There were more reasons _not_ to try and stress it with a competitive run in the rain.
My right ankle is still slightly sore today, so I think I will lay off it for another week in terms of running. I rode into work this morning and had a disconcerting slight burn after I got out of the shower. I'll have to see what it feels like tonight after I get home.
I found it interesting that the bar was advertising The Dave Foley Band for next saturday, I wonder if he's as ugly as the one _I_ know?

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