Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SS #2

In 1986 I raced my first criterium. The citizen race at the Longsjo Classic - when it was just a 0ne day criterium. I got there and realized I had forgotten my shorts. Luckily, the owner of the local shop I had been hanging around at - Paul Randazzo of Category One Cycle Goods in Tyngsboro (long since defunct) - had set up a table to sell some things. He gave me a deal on a pair of shorts that were just a tad small. I can't imagine this now, since I've put on 15 pounds since then and I'm still really fucking skinny (photo credit - solobreak).

I lined up with about a dozen other guys, none looking any more like a bike racer than me, though I did have one of the better bikes. A silly little ten mile crit. I rode well until the last couple of laps when I just completely gassed and couldn't stay on anyones wheel. Paul saw me off the back and yelled "what's the matter, your shorts too tight?" I would have laughed if I could have. I came in 2nd to last, just outsprinting a much older guy on a touring bike with a full beard.

I was hooked.


solobreak said...

OK, this is weird, but my very first bike race was at Wells Ave. In 1986. On the day of the Fitchburg. I think it was July 6 but I'll have to check. I distinctly remember it was Fitchburg day because I hung around afterward and Jim Clarke-Dawe, who ran Wells back then, was discussing with some guys on whether or not to combine the A/B, or have a separate A (which he did, with 7 guys) due to everyone being at Fitchburg that day.

Amanda said...

omg. that photo is classic. or, let me say that the "dialogue" is classic