Thursday, July 29, 2010

H.N.T. and other shit

So I rode the tuesday night fights with BOB, on tuesday...of course. My power meter battery died about 2/3 of the way, but I got some interesting data from it. On one hill-climb town-line sprint I averaged 598 watts for 30 seconds. I took the sprint, but had a good head of speed entering the bottom of the climb coming from about 6th spot in line. I took the sprint easily and felt I had some left, but I also had not been working much to that point. Later in the ride I put in a hard effort on this small rise that seems to give a lot of people trouble. I didn't attack, I stayed in the saddle and maintained the pace since I serendipitously got dropped on the front in the paceline at the bottom of the rise. I sustained 490 watts for 50 seconds. I looked back and had a big gap. I looked back a few seconds later and didn't see any one. A third look and I realized the group had stopped en-masse. I turned around and rode back, sure enough, a flat. Ah well, I hadn't intended to break away, just keep the pace high since it usually fades pretty badly through that section unless someone pushes it. No, those numbers aren't spectacular, but I was happy with them.

Last night I rode the NEBC CBTT (time trial) I posted 5 seconds slower than my fastest time this year.


I was lined up in front of a tandem ridden by a husband/wife team, the Ruanes. Patrick is an exceptional sprinter, and his wife Debbie has been riding exceptionally well this year, actually making the top half of the field at the working mans stage race time trial in the masters field. Well, they caught me about one mile from the start, and blew by me like I wasn't even racing. They set a new course record, averaging over 29 MPH. To make matters worse, they are genuinely good and nice people. I'd like to loathe them, but I can't. They aren't asshole like me.

Anyways, Here she is, your H.N.T. I give you, "The Bike Rack":


Judi said...

boobs. its what they're missing so much over there. you need to write for dc too.

zencycle said...


I just love bewbies!!!!!!

Amanda said...

598 watts?!? really??

maluhia said...

now there is a pair that beats three of a kind.