Thursday, April 8, 2010


OK, I was going to post about what a good ride I had yesterday. A 2 + hour zone ride in the hot hot heat. Started at 87 degrees. Hot. Sweet hot. Sultry hot. Tropical. Just like I like it. Spent the whole time at the upper end of zone 3 with a few forays into zone 4, but the intent was not to wipe myself out. 1:45 into it I caught a truck draft for about a mile, and held on for a 32 mph uphill pull.

Maybe I'll blog about that later.

So, true to the subtitle of this blog, it's been a good week, and as of tonights ride home I will have logged ~230 miles in 13 hours over 6 days. Tomorrow will be a washout. Not bad for the first week of april. Hence, I'm in a pretty good mood. So much so in fact that I've decided to post a couple pictures a fellow cyclist emailed me, involving sweet, hot, sultry tropical heat, and bikes, and bamboo, and sweet, hot, sultry women.

oh, did I say this was a _Half_ Nekkid Thursday post? silly me......


TRI-james said...

Shameless - is this going to be re-occuring????

I'll be back next Thursday.

gewilli said...

couple more - mostly old stuff but a few i haven't seen before

Anonymous said...

Sweet hot sultry woman AND practical....basket on the bike for stuff. No lycra pockets for her ;-)