Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I hope no one is buyin' this shit.......


"The Quick Step rider blamed his positive doping controls on his drinking; indicating that he drank so much that he did not know what later happened. "I was very drunk. I do not know what happened, but the next day I tested positive for cocaine," he said.....Quick Step later accepted Boonen's explanation that his positive test had come as a result of contact with other cocaine users, rather than direct ingestion of the drug......"Hair samples proved that there was no cocaine in his system for more than four months," said Lefevere. "The amount of cocaine present [at the time of his positive test] was enough to say that there was someone with him who was using it, and he came close to those people.""

Really, a contact high from blow?

Right - Sorry Boom Boom, the only way to test positive for blow is to do blow. Being in the same room with it doen't set off the catalyst.

(posted by a survivor of many a lost weekend)

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Big Bikes said...

Going out all night, drinking your ass off to the point where you can't remember doing a bunch of coke, now that's performance enhancing!

I love that fucking guy.