Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Consummate Pro - Redux

A Consummate professional is one that seeks to grant their profession a sense of tact and dignity, and to avert conflagrations that would pall themselves, their profession, or their peers.

Matt O'Keefe, in his most recent correspondence to me, has shown exactly those qualities. It is for that reason that I have taken yesterdays rant down, his actions in the Topsfield Road Race not withstanding.

His professionalism can be succinctly realized in the last two sentences of his message

"I respect what you have done for the sport and I hope guys like you rub off on the younger crop. Respect is important, to disagree on circumstances is part of life."

Geeze, doesn't even sound like the same guy, does it......

The only caveat I would add is that, yes, I hope more people participate at _least_ to the level I have * , but I shudder to think future generations might look to me as a fucking role model.

Thank you for demonstrating the dignity worthy of a professional, Matt.

(* I know those who don't know me very well have a hard time believing this, but I _do_ have a rather strong sense of humility. I'm often an asshole, but I'm a humble asshole. I've contributed significant portions of my time _off_ the bike so that others can spend time _on_ the bike, but there are many more that have much more than me. Being involved in local club administration for 15 years, I've seen the _lack_ of participation first hand, as well as the efforts of those who seem to make time out of thin air. However, I've never sought to have my efforts acknowledged with more than a 'thank you' from the people I've worked with, and I'm not looking to change that now.)

Now, everyone, do yourselves a favor and go here and or here, and especially here. It's time we lightened up a bit.

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