Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I'm off work for the next week. Notice I didn't say 'vacation', I said 'off work'. Due to corporate politics, and nothing to do with profit margin, my entire department is on a forced furlough for two weeks. I've been at work this week because there's stuff they _really_ want done, but next week, not so much.

Tomorrow I'm driving with a couple of co-workers up to franconia notch to participate in the TopNotch Triathlon saturday morning. I'm doing the bike leg. It's 6.5 mile ride with 1100 feet of climbing. 3 miles of it is paved, 1 is allegedly single track, and 2.5 is a walking trail.

I'm hoping to get down to concord in the afternoon and do the 35+ criterium. That depends on whether I get roped into landlord responsibilities in manchester. Sunday I'm planning on the Bow road race, 4 laps of an 11 mile circuit with 1100 feet of climbing per lap. It's supposed to be hot too. The KOM hill is wide open, no shade, straight up, and steeper as you get to the top. Fun.

So next week I have to paint one side of my house, replace the struts and brakes on my car, and do some maintinace at the manchester money pit. See? no vacation. Just work I'm not getting paid for.


But since all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, with any luck I'll be able to get in the mount Agmenticus ( Or "agonymentalcase" as named by a good friend) time trial the weeked after. That one is fun. They only allow road bikes, no TT bikes, no aero bars, and the course is described as

"7.4 miles long, featuring 3.5 miles of smooth, mostly flat pavement, 1.4 miles on a FAST hard-packed dirt road, ending on a paved finish on the top of Mount ‘A’. Mount ‘A’ features a 0.7-mile climb that has an average grade of 10%, with sections of 12-14% grade".

No shit!


solobreak said...

I am wondering if the dirt road will be nice and tight from all the rain, or if the thing will be riddled with ditches carved by runoff in all the deluges.

Groover said...

Sounds like a dream vacation to me ... :-)