Friday, July 3, 2009

I Just Wanna Know When I Get Mine.....

When the pros were awarded on the podium, they received a pint glass as their prize - less than typical pro compensation

Snide references over The Great Pint Glass Debacle of 2006 aside, this week has been an exercise in temperance. I managed three commutes this week if you count today. Not typically anything that would be blogworthy, except that this morning was the first time since monday of last week that I managed a ride without getting rained on. That's 170 miles, about 8 hours total, getting wet every time, and I still got wet this morning from the wet roads. The conditions for the ride home tonight remain to be seen, but even it it doesn't rain on the ride, the roads will most likely still be wet.

That's probably half the mileage and time I would normally ride for this time of year, but between the weather and the events leading up to last weekend, I'm not complaining. I was planning on running the North Andover July 4th 10K but as has been usual for my racing/training this year, Life has conspired against me, as I need to get a relative that was up here for last weekend to the airport for a 10AM flight.

So, I'll probably then be encumbered with getting whatever yard work I haven't been able to do done for the past month becaus of the rain. My lawn hasn't been mowed in two weeks. I haven't trimed any shrubbery at all this year (easy, solo), and I haven't taken my dog for a run in two weeks.

and as I write this....well whaddaya know, the sun just came out.


Amanda said...

I'm no pro, but I got a pint glass for taking third in my last 5k. Better than a medal, it actually gets used. While irresponsibly imbibing beverages, I can muse over how responsible i actually am when drinking from such hardware.

Hope it dries up soon.

solobreak said...

I got poured on today at the 5 hour mark of my ride. Funny thing is the sun was shining brightly at the same time. Pretty funny. Got home and the roads here were bone dry.

May be conspiring to do a long ride with the BOB slobs on Sunday if you're interested in coming and making it interesting. Waiting to see if the exalted leader responds on the list.