Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Episode of My Previous Life

Inspired by numerous blog entries from Solobreak, I recount a trip to california in 1993

In 1993, I was president of the Northeast Bicycle club. One of the 'perks' of the position was a subsidized trip to the annual USCF convention, that year it was in Long Beach. Between the USCF stipend and the largess of the club, I was able to pull a three day weekend for less than $100 out of my own pocket.

There was no voting to be tackled that had any sort of significant impact that year. Although there were probably a dozen or so issues up for ratification, the issues I remember were the annual fight over white socks and black shorts (that used to be the regulation), a measure to stipulate that all number plates were to be black ink on a white background, and, get this, a measure to put verbiage in the anti-discrimination section of the by-laws to prevent discrimination based on sexual preference.

That last one proved to be rather contentious. I don't think anyone really thought it wasn't going to pass. In fact, I don't think most thought there would be any discussion on it, since the USCF chair_person_ of the board - Lisa Voight, who looked good in pictures but was breathtaking on real life - actually almost didn't even scan the room before announcing 'passed'.

The lone dissenter was some guy from the midwest, wearing a blue blazer with gold buttons and grey slacks. He got up in front of the microphone, and said loudly and proudly that the measure should be defeated because 'the uscf should not get involved in promoting sexual deviance'.

What a storm of howls followed. People lined up at the mike, 10 to one in favor of the resolution, and berating mr. conservative coalition. A few others spoke against it's passage, though not for the reason that Mr. CC did, they just wanted to keep the uscf 'out of the fray'. In the end it passed overwhelmingly

One afternoon I went to a meeting that Ms. Voight chaired on promoting womens racing. Hey, Paula Tedesco (bedard) the angry feminist was on the NEBC BOD and demanded that I present her views, I don't think paula was wrong, just a bit...hmm...intense. Well, I couldn't find the room the meeting was in - this was a big fucking hotel - and I happened to see Ms. Voight in the hallway. I asked her the meeting was, and she smiled broadly, said 'come this way', wrapped her arm through mine, and escorted me to the room. We walk in, arm in arm, to some odd stares. Damn....she even _smelled_ good.

After the first days meetings, we were leaving the hotel, and they happened to be a movie shoot going on in front of the hotel. The Movie was 'Speed' starring keanu reeves and sandra bullock (ranking #2 in my all time favorite hottie good actress list). Unfortunately, the movie wasn't even in publicity yet, and they were filming one of the bus scenes with crashing cars, so there were no stars, just stunt men. Still, it was fun to watch them crash cars for awhile.

We were hosted by a guy who used to race with BRC that someone from their club had hooked up with. He had a great sense of humor and was very entertaining. He took us new englanders out bar hopping the second night. One of the clubs was pretty cool - broad demographic, good music, and BRC dude sat down to start the rap on some cute chick. Well, it turns out the woman sitting next to her was her girlfriend, who got a bit jealous. BRC dude must have had a good rap, because Cute Lesbian showed significant interest with her body language. Eventually, the jealous girlfriend dragged her out. We asked him what happened, well actually I asked him 'Dude, you just chased away two lesbians, what did you say?".

True story - the dude throws on this brooklyn accent and says "I don't know, All I said was 'you know, I never fucked two lesbians before', and they got up and left!". He kept us laughing all night.

These conventions used to have a 'host club' - A local club that would help set up people with accommodations, food and entertainment suggestions, and host a couple of rides. This year the host club was the L.A. Sherrifs club. Note that I didn't say 'team', I said 'club'. There were more than a few of us that were disappointed by the confusion. Still, we got in a couple of 30 miles rides, but never got into any of the mountains around LA. The ride leaders were just hacks like us - local 3/4 riders with full time lives. Still, they were very cool, and quite gracious.

Well, that's it. If there's anything you can take away from this lame entry, it's this:
I remember how hot lisa voight was.
I remember arguing about homosexuals.
I remember the incident in the bar with the lesbians.

The sad part is, I really haven't changed all that much......


Il Bruce said...
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Il Bruce said...

Gays race bikes? Who knew?

So was Ms. V as hot as her niece? Actually her niece doesn't do that much for me with all the ink.

Now with better grammar!