Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here at Zencycle we are always on the lookout for new and exciting cycling based bloggage and internettery*

Recently, I happened upon Bike Jerks, a Minneapolis based blog about all things cycling. What led me there was this.

This is awesomeness. An old school out-n-back 'cross course, and by old-school I'm mean this,

They may not have anything as heinous as a boulder strewn run-up, but it sounds more epic than the glam-rock sport cyclocross has become in the past ten years.

A brief race description here:

"We will meetup at 2pm at the Light Rail station on Hiawatha and 38th. We will then take the light rail (bring fare) out to the American Boulevard station in Bloomington and will start the race on the Low Road. We will race to the Cedar Ave Bridge, cross the bridge on the ped bridge under the highway, take a left onto the trail on the opposite side of the river and end the race at Lucky's pub in Mendota Heights. The winner is the first one to touch the wall of the bar."

Then today, I took a quick peek and was rewarded with The Pedal Pusher Society, Milwaukee’s premier women and transgender bike gang.

But Wait! There's More! The La Belle Femme Ciclist du Milwaukee did a parody of Michael Jacksons Beat It video. It's exactly what one would expect from a group of urban female cycling hipsters with sapphic tendencies. Behold:

It's interesting that boston doesn't have some sort of analogous organization.

So put Bike Jerks in your bloglist, friend them on facebook, and visit their website.

And if you dare, put a link to a women and transgender bike gang website on your blog.

* Is there a real definition to internettery? I did some checking on google, and got usage hits back as far as 2004, but no listings in any on-line dictionaries. I know it's intuitive, but I would have thought that if sarah palin could get a word listed after a glaringly ignorant fuck-up that something floating around the interwebs** for over 5 years might have made the big time.

** wait...is interwebs a word? I should ask Thom.


Big Bikes said...

All words were made up by someone at some point. It's only an issue when you didn't mean to make them up...and you want to run a country.

Met "The German Tank" today. Thankfully not on the bike.

- t

zencycle said...

Big Bikes said...
"All words were made up by someone at some point. It's only an issue when you didn't mean to make them up...and you want to run a country."

Exactly, I don't have a problem with coining a new term, but I do have a problem with fucking up and being proud of it.