Monday, October 4, 2010

And So It Waits

This is where I parked it on september 24

This is where it was this morning.

Get that? Right. It's the same picture. In other words, my 'daily' bike hasn't moved in ten days.

I have a small awning outside my basment door, I usually park the bike there all summer, thought it rarely sits more that a couple days.

My motivation has reached a significant low, due in no part to the ridiculous performance I registered at Sucker Brook last weekend. It started out well enough, I even got one of my best starts I've ever had in a cross race. I went into the firs serpentine section in maybe 10th spot. It went downhill from there - rapidly. Halfway through I was getting passed by dudes that haven't beat me in 2 years. By the end of the race I had dropped below the 50th percentile. No energy, no snap, I was actually accelerating faster seated than standing.

Coupled with other personal issues that are not blog fodder (yet) I've decided to pack it in for the year.

Before sucker brook

After sucker book

Time to focus somewhere else. I'll be commuting until it gets dark too early, but I'll be enjoying my MTB on weekends. I'll get more running in, and maybe take a yoga class. I just hope I don't end up have a shape resembling a turkey before I'm done.


Amanda said...

i'm taking the same approach right now - exercise for the purpose of pleasure rather than competition. oh, wait, i haven't done a damn thing in two days, but i intend to. at some point. and then, it will be for enjoyment. but the spunk will return. it's just who we are.

Matt Simpson said...

Let's start trail running or MTB in Haverhill (or other)- shoot me an e-mail. (FnF/NC has my e-mail if you do not)

solobreak said...

Long season... I feel your pain.

zencycle said...

@solo - I actually wish I were able to make it longer. I mean, I'm a bike racer, right? Aren't I?

@ matt - yes, let's do that

@amanda - uhh, huh huhhuh, you said 'spunk', huhhuuhhhu.