Friday, May 21, 2010

on floyd

I can't say it any better than this from my friend/teammate Mike:

"When this all occurred, I thought that what he was accused of was not of benefit to him that day and gave him a pass. Plus the lab work was really shoddy. Upon further review, I found I may be incorrect, but still, the lab work was really bad. I felt, even if guilty, he should walk. LABs need to be held accountable. If he walked, they would tighten controls and be even better. This would benefit the sport more in the long run.
Flandis denied. He wrote a book. He solicited money from fans for the defense. ...Lies. ...Lies.
Is he gonna refund the cash he STOLE from fans. Hell, he lied to them. Sold them innocence when guilt was truly the case.
What a clown. Now he is naming names. I don't care. You are doing it for personal reasons and your word is trash anyhow. You should have been like others (Millar) and come clean. Served your sentence, come out against other doping (w/o naming names), and all would have been forgiven.
Instead you followed Tyler's lead. Maybe you are his vanishing twin. Now go vanish. "

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Anonymous said...

The Floydian slip
Where he meant one thing but said another, and based a book and career around that one thing.
Total misperformance even by Freuds standards.