Monday, March 15, 2010

sometimes it doesn't suck so bad

If you've been paying any attention to the weather in new england, you'll know it's been completely fucked up. They predicted rain from wednesday through sunday, and it didn't start until late saturday. Of course, by then, it made up for it. We allegedly got about 9" of rain in my little corner of the world, with consistent 30 mph winds.

Still, I had a decent weekend in terms of work outs. Friday I got a decent session in with the freeweights. I pushed more squats of higher weight than anytime this winter. No, I'm not going to tell you how much weight I have on the bar. It isn't much, and I'm not trying to impress anyone with my squat-stats. Let's just say I missed my goal for the season, but not by much.

Saturday, I did a 45 minute trail run with my dog, followed by two hours of MTN bike. I clicked off the 13 miles of my favorite local loop in 1:40, which is actually a decent pace for much later in the year. The round trip from the house to the trails and back took just over 2 hours. I consider a sub two-hour trip for that circuit to be pretty good, and considering there was still alot of _very_ soft terrain I was quite happy with it.

Sunday was in fact the washout. I sat around most of the day with my legs elevated, and didn't feel bad about it. I watched a few good movies and surfed a lot of porn.

I should get a few more commutes in this week, it's supposed to clear up today, and considering the tenuous situation of the new england velodrome, I'll be hitting the road bike earlier than planned instead of staying with the fixed gear for the rest of the month.

I leave you with chicks on bikes:


Amanda said...

Glad to see you decided to share the surfing you did with the rest of us.
The Ohio is supposed to flood us out in the next few days. Lovely.

zencycle said...

Chicks on bikes wasn't from surfing porn. That isn't porn. Trust me when I say you couldn't handle what I was actually looking at.