Saturday, November 21, 2009


Where to begin?

ok, it's been over two weeks. my bad. been busy. I've actually had some shit at work that interests me, for the first time in about two years.

So here I am, on a saturday night, near midnight, blogging. Damn, that's lame. ok, I'm buzzed. My Lovely and Talented Young Wife and I have a standing monthly dinner party with two other couples. Tonight was our night to host. My wife is a fabulous cook, and I am the stereotypical "the way to a mans heart is through his stomach" kind of guy. Top it off with a half dozen glasses of Shiraz, and you have a more lame blog post than the last one.

But that's not what i'm writing about tonight

Here I am, feeling 50 pushing on me ever so slightly, seeing the guys in the 55+ category still mixing it up, and hoping, against all hope, I can push on.

I think I can.

I see Julie Lockhart showing up each and every race. yeh, I hope I'm still out mixing it up, or even have the desire to do so, at her age.

I sit here tonight, listening to The Cure. I've been a fan since Boys Don't Cry, destroyed a vinyl version of Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me in 1987 (dance mix of Hot Hot Hot is one of my desert island CDs), and despaired at Robert Smiths coronation of The King Of Pain, when Robert Morrisey made him look like a fucking disney character. I remember calling a local radio station 18 years ago to complain about The Mighty Mighty Bosstones really lame version of Pink Floyds 'brain damage', and 'Love Cats' came on the air when I was on the phone with the DJ. My Lovely And Talented young bride was with with me at the time (though we weren't married at the time) and said into the phone "oh honey, they're playin' love cats!!!".

The DJ was thoroughly amused.

So what I'm listening to as I write this, is not the original releases of the cure, or even some live version. No, it's an MTV "acoustic" "unplugged" CD......

shit, man, give it up.....


Amanda said...

welcome back, old man. we missed you.

solobreak said...

Amanda, speak for yourself. The little fucker is like goose shit on the town common to me. Everywhere I go, there he is.

Mary Sunshine said...

Hi There!

Found you through Judi's blog where you talked about the importance of a team...would love to discuss this more sometime. It's not been easy.



zencycle said...

I couldn't consider it a successful week unless I've irritated Solo in some way....