Friday, September 11, 2009

So _that's_ how they do that !

From Cycling News this morning:

It seems JJ Haedo ((Arg) Team Saxo Bank) and Thor Husovd ((Nor) Cervélo Test Team) Are tied on GC at the tour of missouri. This is how far they had to go into the results to figure out who wears the leaders jersey:

"The first place officials look for tie breaking purposes is fractions of a second from a time trial stage, but there have yet to be any contests against the clock at the Tour of Missouri. The next method of making general classification ranking falls on the aggregation of stage placings. Haedo and Hushovd each have one first, two seconds and one third place finish which totals to eight points; again, they're equal.

The third criteria falls to total of stage wins, of which the Argentinean and the Norwegian each have one; still a dead heat. The fourth method of distinguishing general classification placement is the highest placing in the most recently completed stage. Since Haedo won in today's Jefferson City stage while Hushovd finished second, the leader's jersey was awarded to Haedo."

It's ironic that they both ride for teams that were what team CSC from last year split into. Well, the team technically became Saxobank, but many riders left to form what became the new team Cervelo Test Team.

Just in case anyone wondered how they figure these things out.


Big Bikes said...

When I heard they were unveiling a Tour of Missouri I thought "Man, that is gonna be ROUGH". Ya see, the only part of Missouri I'd ever ridden a bike (with a loaded trailer) through was The Ozarks. However they did not make it rough. Hence the splitting hairs GC business.

Too bad.


Il Bruce said...

I think these tie-breakers are interesting. It is neat how they already had it figured out that far.

I think they should just make them Indian Wrestle for it. That would be fun.

zencycle said...

I've been dissapointed with the whole ToM format. I mean, it's basically whoever wins the TT wins the whole thing. Aside from the first year when they had that big 14 minute breakaway, the last two years have been the winner of the TT taking it. Even then, hincapie was the top TT time of the guys in that break, so he won the overall. They either need to really shorten the TT so the time gaps aren't so critical or start tking in some real hills somewhere. The way the race is now, it's just six consecutive easy race courses (for the pros, anyways, I'd get dropped in the first mile).

solobreak said...

C'mon, six days all expenses paid at plush redneck Holiday Inns and Motel Sixes? Any wonder why it's known as the "Tour of Misery" amongst the peloton?