Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday Night Fights

I felt better at last nights ride than I have since the beginning of the year, especially after feeling so useless the week before, but still didn't feel as well as I think I should this time of year. It was a small turnout, and it pretty much stayed together. I went off the front alone a couple times, and ended up in small groups that got gaps a few times. I got away with one other dude who's riding very well this year (he was laid off for two months in may/june) but I ended up getting those dreaded wind cramps again. I surprised my self with a couple of sprints, I dusted the group at one hill sprint and at the finish. I couldn't believe no one went with me at the end. We came into the last corner and I just went, thinking I was going to duke it out with a couple of the other active riders, but neither one countered....strange. One guy mentioned that I took everyone by surprise, but hey, it's the same spot we've been sprinting at since I first started going to these rides like 15 years ago.

I think I shouldn't worry too much about placing in any more races this year, but simply riding to my best ability. I'd like to go into the off season as fit as possible. Unfortunately, there aren't too many masters events left until 'cross starts. The only road events I have an interest in are 1/2/3. I've never been a contender in 'cross, but enjoy it, so I'll try and get a few races in this year. Let's hope for a rainy fall, I love mud!

And you can thank solobreak for this.


Il Bruce said...

Flippin' Foley. And to think I've let him meet my family.

solobreak said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Brucie. God knows where he found this. I made it to a minute nineteen before the music got to me. Anything better happen in the second half?