Friday, June 5, 2009

A Busy Little Beaver

I can't believe how fucking swamped I am these days

I'm just finishing off a slight remodeling of the attic for my daughters new bedroom. Next on the list is to start repainting my 3000 sq ft 100 yo house.

I have two 'critical' projects at work. One is a thermal accuracy and resolution test for a series of new source/measurement products (across the published temperature range) due on monday (ain't gonna make it) and the other is to build a sample system that demonstrates our products ability to function in the event of a fire (for a UL certification) which needs to be complete by the end of the year. The last time we did this it took 18 months, though they only started the project 2 months ago.

My apartment building needs to have the 3rd floor gone through after the last tenants moved out, and typical repairs/maintenance such as complete cleaning of the bathroom kitchen, holes in walls repaired (horse hair plaster), broken screens windows, light bulbs, etc. This in addition to posting ads and screening for new tenants, as well as the rest of the usual care for the property.

My parents 50th wedding anniversary is in 3 weeks. I've had to hire a caterer, send out invitations, reserve a function room, and hire entertainment - I've hired a string quartet and hooked up with a local church choir to come in and sing 'Seasons Of Love' from the play Rent. I have a solo guitar player hired to play stuff from the 60's after the quartet. I have a violinist friend coming and we will be accompanying him on Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by green day with me on flute (betcha didn't know that I'm a classically trained flautist and had considered a professional career). I also absconded with my parents collection of 8 mm movies from their younger days to have them converted to DVD.

This past wednesday I was informed by the catering service that the room I picked for the function has changed their policy about entertainment - they no longer allow it. I had to scramble to find another venue but was successful. I'll have my house completely full of people to stay the night after the party (all four spare bedrooms full, yeah, I have a big old farmhouse, refer to the painting project above).

I'm trying to keep my training/racing schedule up. If I wasn't able to commute I wouldn't bother racing this year. Still, I'll have to bag the BOB road race on june 27th, since that's the day of the anniversary party.

Back to work, my boss only allows so many excuses.

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Groover said...

So what do you do with the rest of the week? Just kidding. You sound seriously busy.