Friday, April 24, 2009

Anti-training 101

Or, "how not to maintain a training regimen".

Being disgusted with myself over the BkR performance I gave little thought to trying to keep with a real schedule this week. Granted the many-headed beast of jobwifehomecarkidslife wielded it's influence, but had I been motivated, I could certainly have done more than I did to this point since saturday, which has been a 45 minute trail run and one commute to work.

Saturday night - after spending almost 7 hours in the car, and 3 hours polluting the BkR course with my presence, I attended a birthday party for my south-boston irish uncle. Much Jamesons was consumed.

Sunday - waking up late with a mild hangover, we had breakfast with same uncle. Fattening food with bloody mary's. sleep for four more hours after he left, then went to my wino neighbors house for mexican food and spanish red wine

Monday, patriots day, day off - school vacation week. Daughters birthday as well. I could have got a ride in, but spent the morning websurfing until my daughter woke up. Took her out to breakfast at a greasy spoon joint.

(this isn't it, but you get the idea)

Bought her the driveway basketball hoop she's been asking for for two years. Made her help me put it together.

As soon as was done she took off to a friends house, didn't even shoot one ball.

Too late for a ride with the rain coming, and I had to clean up the piles of yard debris my wife made while i was at the race saturday.

tuesday - rain. Could have gone for a run at lunch but didn't feel like it.

wednesday - scored tickets to the postponed redsox game in the afternoon. could have gone for a ride/run in the morning but didn't feel like it. Went to fenway park, drank beer and ate kielbasa. Great seats! 7th row behind the red sox dugout!

thursday - finally got a 45 minute run in at work.

friday - commute to work.

So there you have it, after a heinously difficult 3 hour road race last saturday, I spent the next 5 days eating crap, drinking booze, and sleeping. It was like I was 22 again.


solobreak said...

I ate salads and washed down vitamin supplements with protein powder in water. Tried to train. I still feel like shit, just like I'm 42 again. I finished 4 spots behind you at BKR. You suck.

solobreak said...

And I haven't had any alcohol in about 5 weeks

zencycle said...

Blogger solobreak said...
"I ate salads and washed down vitamin supplements with protein powder in water."

That was your big mistake - After a race like that you need comfort food. In my case that consists of fatty meats and booze. Save the healthy diet for when you get back on the wagon. That would have been sunday for me if I didn't have all that family shit for the rest of the weekend