Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pleasant surprises

I'd like to say 'I really need to take up track cycling', but the closest track to me is in londonderry, New Hampshire, and I find it highly doubtful I'd ever walk into the 'drome and be able catch a glimpse of anyone remotely resembling Victoria Pendleton:

In fact, I'm thinking I could walk into 99% of the 'dromes in the US, and not see anyone remotely resembling Victoria Pendleton.

I followed the link from Burt Friggin Hoovis' blog:

She _does_ have her own web site (google it) but I can't to to it from work.



solobreak said...

Nice find. Did you check out the website? She has thighs just like mine. I must be hawt.

zencycle said...

Well, she _is_ a track sprinter after all, I would be suspect if she had legs like mine....