Monday, April 14, 2008

another installation of "my previous life"

I've never actually owned a new car. Ever. The closest I came was leasing a 1988 Volkwagon Golf Wolfsburg Edition in 1987. I also drove a brand new 1990 Taurus Station wagon when I had my field service gig, but that was the companies.

Part of the reason is that I'm very rough on cars, and I tend to like to make them 'mine'. That is, loud stereos, little aesthetic appointments in and out (remember that for later), I eat and drink in them, up until I got married I used to fuck alot in them, I take them off road, throw dirty mountain bikes on the roof (adding roof racks, of course), Carry my kids and their friends around, and now that I'm a home owner and landlord, I load stuff like gardening and construction supplies in them. As a result, they don't stay new for very long, and I'd rather let the deprciation occur when someone else has it and thinks that taking care of the car might actually help it hold it's value (you know who you are). So I'll buy an older one for less than 1/2 price that's been taken care of. Then I can beat the shit out of it and not have guilt pangs of defiling a new car.

In 1995 I bought a one-year-old pontiac grand am, and decided a visit to Newbury Comics (my favorite store) was in order, for stickers.

Below is the result of the shopping trip plus left over stickers I had from the ones that came with bike parts.

This is the Right Rear of the car. The spot to the right of the smiley face had a sticker that read "FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK". My mother scrapped that one off. I remember coming home from work one day, and noting someone in the car behind me who kept pulling closer then pulling back. He didn't look like he was laughing. Then he did the stupidest/funniest thing. He pulled real close, then tried to take a picture - from _inside_ the car - with a flash....yeah, that worked.

This is the left rear:

This is the rear window. I really like the little guy in the 3rd eye brake light. I don't know what he's called and I can't find him anywhere anymore. Web searches have turned up nothing (it's kind of hard to search on 'that round hairy thing flipping the bird').

Before this I had the coolest little '87 ford EXP two seater coup, covered with stickers as well, but I don't think I have any pictures of that one.

I'm trying to hold myself back this days, but it isn't working. I'm driving a vulva wagon. It just isn't me. Before this I was driving a ford taurus wagon that I liked alot. I'm going to trade the vulva in on something more me - I don't know what that is yet - after I get the sunroof fixed. Since I'm a parent now, I will have to refrain from the profanity on the stickers, but everything else is fair game.

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