Wednesday, January 2, 2008

my life set to music

My friend Solobreak put some stuff related to music on his blog, and it inspired me to to some reminiscing of my own.

First show - jethro tull boston garden 1979

favorite show - rick derringer fitchburg theater 1980

best performance - bob seger boston garden '81 (recorded on the 'nine tonight' album)

rowdiest show - ZZtop cape cod coliseum '81 - loverboy opened (whose bright fucking idea was that?) and got bood off stage, staties were finally brought in after the show was over and no one was leaving the parking lot, fights all day and night.

loudest show - pat travers band fitchburg theater '81

worst show - ozzie solo, two years running, centrum '84+'85. gawd he sucked.

most repeats - zztop 3 shows, j geils band 3 shows

biggest let down - rush, centrum '82 sounded to much like the album.

biggest pleasant surprise - Nazareth, orpheum, '82

Best guitar work - rick derringer, fitchburg theater, '79 and Rik Emmet (triumph) centrum '84(?)

best drum work - neil peart of rush, centrum '82

best take-control-of-the-audience-and squeeze-their-brains show - nine inch nails, centrum, '97

best we're-just-up-here-fucking-off show - joe perry project, palladium, worcestor, '83(?)

last show - The Offspring centrum, '02

Other bands I've seen live -

black sabbath (sans ozzie thank the gods)
blue oyster cult
david johansen
ted nugent
damn yankees
james taylor
new england (remember them?)
van halen (david lee roth and sammy hagar)
sammy hagar solo
david lee roth solo
depeche mode
cypress hill
the the
stevie ray vaughn
robert cray
the english beat
david crosby solo
don henley solo

This doesn't count all the local groups I've seen in the past 25 years at clubs and theaters. I know I've missed a few, maybe I'll list them in my next post.....six months from now

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solobreak said...

Hey, I just read your stinkin' blog. Quite a list of bands. Now I know why I don't ride with you to the races... although I did see Stevie Ray about 5 times, probably the same show as you at least once (I recall the Orpheum, Centrum, and Great Woods [ which had Greg Allman Band - I'm no Angel era warmup and they were really good ] ...

I also saw this today, and I know now you'd be interested (scroll down):